The SAME Regional Conference offers a very special thanks to our Speakers for their support of this great Symposium/conference. Whatever participation you had, we couldn't do it without you. We encourage all participants to know and understand these speakers, and we really appreciate their dilligence to participate in light of Herricane Sandy. Here you can download a copy of their presentations.

Col Steven Baker COL Steven A. Baker, SAW
Commander, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Wilmington District

Subject: "Federal Program Review
Wilmington and Charleston Districts"

Note: COL Baker presented for LTC Ed Chamberlayne who could not attend due to Hericane Sandy!

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Jessie Barker Jesse Barker
MACTEC Engineering and Consulting

Subject: "Designing New Base Entry Road for Marine Corps
Base Camp Lejeune"

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Donald R. Belk Donald R. Belk, AICP, REDI
Manager, Sentinel Landscapes Project
College of Natural Resources
North Carolina State University

Subject: "Sentinel Landscapes Project

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Jason Betteker Jason Betteker, PMP, STS, LEED GA
Project Executive
Clark Construction Group LLC

Subject: "Trends in BIM COBie"

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Tom Blue Tomas S. Blue
Energy Manager

Ft. Bragg Fort Bragg Directorate of Public Works

Subject: "Low Impact Development"

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Gregory Brainard Gregory Brainard
Project Manager Honeywell Defense and Space

Subject: "Energy Security - MicroGrid Case Study"

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Chris Bumgarner Chris Bumgarner, PMP, LSS
Project Manager Intergraph Government Solutions (IGS)

Subject: "Asset Management System Dashboards"

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CAPT John Carson CAPT John Carson
Civil Engineer Corps, U.S. Navy
Public Works Officer
Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

Subject: "Program Review - MCB Camp Lejeune, POW"

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LTC Chamberlayne LTC Ed Chamberlayne, Ph.D., P.E.
Commander, Charleston District
US Army Corps of Engineers

Subject: "Program Review - USACE - Charleston District"

Note: LTC Ed Chamberlayne was not available due to Huricane Sandy, presentation presented by COL Steven A. Baker, Commander, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Wilmington District.

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Patty Chandley Patty Chandley, PE
URS Group, Inc.

Subject: "Lessons Learned from Two Drinking Water Tabletop Exercises"

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Camille Cole Camille Cole, LEED AP
Chief, Master Planning, Fort Bragg DPW

Subject: "Federal Program Update
North Carolina: Fort Bragg"

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Andrew Descary Andrew Descary, PE
AROICC MCAS Cherry Point

Subject: "Emerg. Preparedness/Critical Infrastructure"

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Scott Dorney Scott Dorney
Executive Director, NCMBC

Subject: "Federal Procurement"

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Wade Doss A. Wade Doss, P.E., PMP
Division Chief
Installation Support and Programs Management
U.S. ARMY Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville

Mr. Doss presented live from his home base due to Herricane Sandy!

Subject: "Federal Program Review USACE Huntsville District"

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William Elliott William J. Elliott
Master Planner

Subject: "Microgrid Presentation"

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Ken Gray Kenneth Gray
USACE, Savannah District, Fort Bragg

Subject: "Federal Program Update
South Carolina: Savannah District"

Note: Ken Gray presented for Diego A. Martinez who could not attend due to Hericane Sandy"

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Lt. Fuller 2Lt. Kyle A. Fuller,
United States Air Force, Shaw AFB

Subject: "Program Review, Shaw Air Force Base "

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Rob Harris Dr. Ben Gravely
Director of Technology and Principal Scientist
Holocene, LLC

Subject: "A Review of Solar Hot Water Systems: History, Design, and Applications"

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Rob Harris Rob Harris, P.E., LEED-AP
Chief, Engineering Division/DPW
Fort Bragg, NC

Subject: "Military Program Forecast - Fort Bragg"

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Joel Hendrix Joel Hendrix
Chief, Readiness and Contingency Operations
South Atlantic Division Army Corps of Engineers

Subject: "Readiness & Contingency Response in SAD"

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Kevin J. Lovell Lieutenant Colonel Kevin J. Lovell
Dept. of the Army, Office of Business Transformation (OBT) – Engineering and Installation Analyst

Subject: "Army Energy Initiatives Task Force (EITF) Renewable Energy (Army)"

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David Rose David A. Rose
Attorney at Law
Rose Consulting Law Firm

Subject: "Contracting in the AOR"

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Bob Rubin Dr. Robert "Bob" Rubin
Emeritus Faculty, NCSU

Subject: "Rethinking Water Use Strategies"

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David Shiver David Shiver, MCP, MBA

Subject: "Adaptive Reuse"

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 Daniel Ward Daniel Ward, P.E.
Lead Civil Engineer / Team Leader
Fort Drum Resident Office

Subject: "Trends in BIM COBie"

Note: Daniel Ward could not be present due to Huricane Sandy. He is located at Ft. Drumm, New York. You can still download Daniel's presentation below.

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